TAA2Turkic American Alliance is a non-government, not-for-profit organization established under the 501(c) 3 laws within the United States with the sole purpose of promoting cultural understanding. The Alliance is established as a broader umbrella organization for federations, councils and similar entities which bear the qualities and share the objectives of establishing closer relations with the Turkic American community and the community at large and also with the members of other ethnic communities in the United States.

Turkic American Alliance (TAA) has been initiated for better coordination of join efforts among more than 200 organizations all around the U.S. In that way, a new enterprise was established in Washington D.C on May 12, 2010 with the Grand Gala Opening Reception at the Williard InterContinental hotel near to the White House, Turkic American Alliance, which will enhance the work of regional federations and councils of the Turkic-American organizations. More than 50 US Representatives, 7 US Senators and several Ambassadors alongside of the members of Turkic American Community have given a start up to the works of Turkic American Alliance at this wonderful Reception. Turkic American Alliance’s new headquarters is located in Washington D.C. with a beautiful view of the US Capitol Hill.

For more information, go to http://turkicamericanalliance.org.