Turkic American3

The Turkic American Convention is the largest annual gathering that is focused on strengthening political, social, and economic ties between the Turkic countries and the United States. The convention takes place in Washington, D.C., and brings together a very diverse range of stakeholders including governmental officials and parliamentary delegations from the Turkic countries, US government officials, US Senators and Congressmen, emissaries, leaders of the Turkic diaspora, private sector stakeholders, representatives of multinational corporations, representatives of international organizations, academics, and experts.

The convention features high-profile events showcasing the growing partnership between the Turkic countries and the United States. These include keynote addresses by top government officials and parliamentarians, an in-depth and interactive forum featuring presentations by top officials and experts, and networking sessions joined by distinguished guests.

The convention is organized by the Turkic American Alliance, which is the largest national Turkic organization in the Unites States, representing six regional federations and over 200 community associations, cultural centers, business associations, and educational institutions. The Turkic American Alliance also functions as a powerful advocate for dialogue not only between the Turkic American community and the American public in general, but also the Turkic countries and the United States.

For more information, go to http://turkicamericanconvention.org.