US Azerbaijan3

US-Azerbaijan Convention is an annual meeting in celebration of the two decades of strengthening relations and deepening strategic partnership between the US and Azerbaijan. The Convention is a prominent assembly of government officials, legislators, and leading academics and experts, and it features discussions and deliberations highlighting shared strategic interests of the United States and Azerbaijan, including energy security, and peace, stability and regional cooperation in the South Caucasus and the Caspian Basin. The Convention also showcases Azerbaijan’s rapid transformation from a young country into a regional leader and a reliable actor of the international community, promoting peace and stability, developing the Eurasian energy and transport corridor while integrating into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures.

US-Azerbaijan Convention is yet another opportunity to discuss and expand the strong relationship between two nations based on shared interests and mutual respect. In 2012 was the 20th year of the U.S. – Azerbaijan partnership; and, on that occasion, the Convention in Washington focused on Azerbaijan’s progress since restoring its independence and its contribution to global energy security.

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